Schoen and Associates, Inc.

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About Schoen and Associates, Inc.

Thanks for visiting Schoen and Associates in cyberspace!

We’ve tried to give our Web site some features that make it different from those of other office product reps – just as our company is different from other firms in the industry – more aggressive, more creative, more state-of-the art.

What makes us different? First of all, we are diverse. Although we are defined by our roots in the office products industry, we also sell computer accessories, business machines and furniture. We cover over 2,500 accounts, not just the traditional office distributors and catalog houses, but also superstores, computer resellers, business machine dealers, contract and budget furniture and Facility Maintenence.

In addition, we are dispersed. We cover the midwest and Rocky Mountain territories, 18 states in all (“OPRA” districts 5,6,11 and 12). Our main office is in Chicago, a few minutes away from O’Hare Airport, but we have nine people in the field, with staffed offices in Cleveland,  Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Denver, and backed by an internal staff that handles customer service and operations.

Not only are our markets diverse, so are our services. We’re a whole lot more than feet on the street…we provide value-added services to our principals (like national accounts management and consumer calls), as well as catalog assistance and other support activities to our customers. We’re more than a source, we’re a resource.

As you browse through these pages, you’ll see that we are the resource in our territories for some of the most prominent lines in the industry. You’ll not only see where our offices are located, but we’ve supplied direct email links to the Schoen sales rep nearest to you.  And in our home territory, we’re even a resource for on-line advice about hotels and otherplaces we like for dining and entertainment, that we think you’ll like too.

Schoen and Associates is in lots of places, doing lots of things – but we didn’t get where we are overnight. Fred Schoen started the company back in 1956, and today it’s headed by his son, Kevin Schoen CPMR.* We have a lot to be proud of when we look back, but our distinguishing characteristic is that we’re always looking forward. In 1996, we were the first office products rep with a Web site, in 1998 we developed the industry’s most sophisticated sales automation software, and in 2004, we began development of a system that permits our vendors to view our sales tracking data. Even we don’t know what our innovations will be as we look forward to the new millennium.

But as of today, you can be sure that we’re looking forward to your visit to, and to hearing your comments about our Web site and our company. Welcome aboard!

*In case the CPMR designation is new to you, it stands for Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative, and is awarded only to experienced rep firm managers who complete a demanding three-year study program with an on-campus component, operated by the Institute for Professional Advancement of the Manufacturers Representatives Educational Research Foundation.